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uCare, formed by experienced leaders and stakeholders, recognizes the importance of measuring the impact of our targeted projects to ensure their effectiveness and demonstrate their value. We focus on the significant contributions of each project and its potential for global impact.

By addressing the interconnected challenges of Russian aggression, disinformation campaigns, and the broader threats posed by Russia and its allies, uCare aims to protect and strengthen democratic values and global security. The war in Ukraine has devastated Ukrainian communities, and our efforts will have a profound impact: safeguarding these vulnerable communities, ensuring the resilience of democratic institutions, and fostering international solidarity in the face of aggression and misinformation. Through comprehensive support and advocacy, uCare is dedicated to creating a safer, more informed world for all

uCare distinguishes itself through a unique and highly effective approach, making it an attractive partner for government and private donors. Founded by seasoned leaders and stakeholders with extensive experience in nonprofit management, international development, and crisis response, uCare leverages its expertise to deliver impactful solutions from the outset. This distinctive approach underscores its effectiveness and sets it apart.

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uCare Programs target specific groups, communities, or issues. Become a Donor now and support those who need it now.

This initiative leads all humanitarian activities, primarily supporting Ukrainians in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in the US. It focuses on providing essential aid to those in need, including children, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups, ensuring they receive the necessary support during these challenging times.

This initiative offers mentorship, coaching, and training for individuals who were forced to flee their homes in Ukraine and need to rebuild their lives in other countries. uCare Empowerment helps them establish new beginnings, providing the necessary skills and support to integrate into their new environments and thrive.

Formed to provide unwavering support to defenders and front-line communities in Ukraine who endure the harshest impacts of Russian aggression. uCare Resilience delivers vital aid, essential resources, and comprehensive support to those on the front lines. Our mission is to ensure that these brave individuals and communities have everything they need to sustain their courageous efforts and resilience in the face of relentless adversity, enabling them to continue defending their country with strength and determination.

uCare InfoForce Initiative Mission is to combat harmful information attacks by providing accurate insights and advocacy, empowering communities to build resilience against false narratives, and safeguarding democratic integrity

uCare Board Members

Meet our committed team members who work relentlessly to achieve our mission and create a positive impact.

Maria Shkarlat

President & CEO

At uCare, we're committed to delivering targeted and impactful support exactly where and when it's needed.

Anna Bietina

Board Member

With our unwavering dedication and expertise, we're confident that we can make a real difference in people's lives.

Olena Stadnyuk

Board Member

We believe in empowering those who need it the most to help them achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.

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